Let the waterworks begin…

In 2012, I met someone who would end up changing my life entirely.

My sister Stacie ♡

We are as close to sisters as you can be without having the same blood running through your veins.

When I took that trip to Philadelphia, I never imagined how different my life would be from that moment forward.

From the moment we met, her & I hit it off like best friends catching up after not seeing one another in years. I could just tell from the gate that I was going to love her.

Of course, I was right. HaHa.

Sure enough, since then, we’ve had this bond that has been unbreakable.

We just get each other.

One of the most difficult times of my life was becoming a single mom. As excited as I was about motherhood, the thought of being an only parent was kind of terrifying.

Stacie was so excited about becoming an aunt again.

And she has spoiled him since day one, HaHa.

When it comes to her, he’s a perfect little angel who could do no wrong. And she knows its true.


The good, the bad, the ugly & all of the inbetween.

This year, from over 300 miles away, my sister went through heart failure.

Hands down, was one of the scariest moments of my life (imagine how she must have felt right?) Being so far away & not being able to be right there with her ws devastating for me.

So I did a whole lot of extra praying for her protection & health, along with my sanity.

Not only has she been kicking ass getting her health right, not having to wear that monitor forever, but also working super hard to stay on track along with losing weight.

I knew she could do it. She’s strong than she ever believes she is. But, I’m still so damn proud of her.

It makes my eyes water every time I talk about it.


Ugly cry & all, baby.

Despite them never meeting, he knows her as his aunt & always will.

We haven’t always had the easiest path, but Stacie is one person has been there through it all. Not only been there but has checked on him, helped in any way she could, supported & loved us no matter what.

When she started up blogging again after her health scare, I was beyond excited for her. And proud of her. Proud that she took the step to tell her story & what she went through with others. To let people know they are not alone on their journey in life as well. Whether that’s a health scare or something else.

I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store. And as always, she delivered.

So glad she’s back to blogging!

Maybe someday we will even do our own blogging thing together *wink wink*

When she came to me the other day talking about wanting to write a post about my son, I instantly teared up.

When I read it, that’s when the waterworks began.

Apraxia awareness…

Something I’ve been talking about it since before my son was even fully diagnosed.

Even if he hadn’t been diagnosed, just because of how much I had learned about it in the process, I still would feel like it’s a topic that should be spoke about more often. I still would talk about it.

Hell, being a special needs parent in general should be talked about more, because it’s tough.

So many people need a better understanding of what it is so having my sis spread awareness as well, just really melts my heart.

And although he may be too young right now, someday it’s going to mean the world to him as well.

He’s one tough little soldier & has put up one hell of a fight over the years. He gets it honest on both sides with his persistence.

We will never stop fighting & if there’s anything his Aunt Stacie & I will be sure to teach him, it’s to always keep fighting & growing & moving forward, even if you may trip & fall a few times along the way.

“I still have the video of him saying “hi aunt stacie” on my phone. He’s such an awesome little guy, so I knew I had to do something awesome for him. So Ryver, I’m sure your momma is reading this for you but I took a little tour of my town the other night and walked through the downtown streets and snapped some pictures for you so you can see all the lights and displays Aunt Stacie’s little town does every year for the holiday season, I only hope one day you can see them for yourself with mommy and even silly Au-Au (that’s Jennifer’s fiance Austin, it’s what Ryver calls him).”

I mean seriously, isn’t she the sweetest? Mouth of a sailor, heart of a saint. That’s my sis.

This woman right here is a pure, kind, loving, sweet person & deserves all of the love & appreciation in the world.

God placed her in my life for a reason & I will believe that until my last physical breath.

What are you waiting for? Go check her & her blog out. You’re missing out if you’re not.


2 Thoughts to “Let the waterworks begin…”

  1. Stackie

    OH my god woman…. Ugh!!! Hello my name is Stacie and my sister likes to make me ugly cry right along with her!
    i made that post for Ryver because A: i wanted him to see the lights of my town for the holidays B: i also wanted to bring awareness to his world, I won’t call it a handicap or disability because that boy is brighter than any little one I have ever met! You two mean so much to me and when I read this, I was in tears. You have always been my best friend first, but in the end you will always be my sister. I love you to death girl! Keep reaching for the universe because reaching for the stars is too simple. Go for the galaxy sis. I love this so much! thank you!!!!

    1. We just love you so much sis. And we’re honestly just so damn thankful to have you in our lives. I can’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t make that trip to Philly in 2012. It changed my life forever & so have you! ♡

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